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Universal remote control reviews

A well-designed universal remote control can reduce stress. A poor one is sure to raise your blood pressure.
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CHOICE tests 10 universal remote controls priced from $51 to $332.

These days a living room can easily have four or five remote controls – all of which will get lost, have a flat battery or just stop working at some point. Having one device that controls everything easily is the ideal arrangement.

Fortunately it is possible, but only if you’re willing to put in some work to set up the remote control. 

Some of the remotes in this test make a pretty good attempt at dealing with complex tasks, but most have one or more failings that are likely to render them just another remote on the coffee table.

Models tested
• Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control for Android
• Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control for iOS
• L5 L5 Remote
• Logitech Harmony 1100i
• Logitech Harmony Smart Control
• Logitech Harmony Touch
• One for All Smart Control URC7960
• One for All Xsight Touch URC8603
• Sunwave RKM-520
• Sunwave SRC-3200

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