Samsung 3D TV quick review

CHOICE brings the new Samsung 3D TV into the lab for a quick once over.
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01.Samsung 3D TV in the lab

The Samsung UA46C7000WF 3D TV is in the CHOICE TV lab and it's included in our most recent test of TVs, but we thought you might like to know what our first impressions of it are as a 3D TV. Price is $3699, including the compulsory Blu-ray (BD) player and two sets of glasses. No BD and glasses means no 3D.

Watching 3D

We managed to convince 10 of our staff to spend about half an hour watching the supplied Monsters and Aliens movie.
Most of them enjoyed the experience and thought the 3D effect was at least as good as they'd experienced in a theatre. There were some notable effects they didn't like much such as a lack of 3D effect in dark scenes, shadows behind objects which project out from the screen and blurring backgrounds were distracting.
We also watched some of the NSW vs Queensland state of origin rugby league match which was broadcast in 3D.
Sports fans thought it was pretty good, but there were some who thought the 3D effect was a bit distracting from the action. It's early days for this sort of broadcast and there's much room for improvement as broadcasters find the best angles and techniques to improve the viewing experience.
No one was very impressed with the cost of the special glasses (around $120 to $150 a pair) and even less so when they realised you can't take your Samsung glasses around to your friends place to watch their Panasonic or LG 3D TV. Also, the panel was concerned that they could be easily broken or scratched and some mentioned that they could see reflections in them, even in a dark room. However, they didn't find them too uncomfortable, or difficult to wear with spectacles.
We also tried the TV's 2D to 3D conversion option. It does make a difference and there is a sort of 3D effect, but it's not convincing.
After watching 3D
Two of the ten staff reported feeling as if they had motion sickness after only half an hour and this feeling persisted for some time. Obviously they won't be rushing out to buy a 3D TV any time soon, and if you're considering purchasing one we strongly advise you to spend some time watching one in a shop before handing over your credit card.

Verdict (so far)

It works and isn't too expensive, but this TV is only the first to market and there'll probably be many improvements over time. Our advice is to wait and see. Remember at present there's very little to content for 3D TV and you get the whole world in 3D if you look away from the screen.



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