Internet providers

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of internet service providers (ISPs) and available plans including wireless, broadband and naked DSL.

Broadband plans

Broadband plan reviews

ADSL and ADSL2 plans can be a minefield of fine print and confusing pricing. Our interactive tables help to make sense of it all.

4 Feb 2010 | CHOICE details the main things to look for in this fiercely competitive market.

Girl talking on phone

Save with VoIP and naked DSL

Can using VoIP with Naked DSL cut your phone bill in half?

21 Jan 2009 | VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and uses an Internet connection to make and receive telephone calls.


Wireless internet review and compare

There are desktop and roaming plans but is it the high-speed internet alternative for you?

1 Oct 2008 | Wireless internet is broadband internet access that doesn't use a telephone line or cable network.


Broadband basics guide

Make sense of the bits and bytes.

16 Apr 2008 | CHOICE's simple guide to broadband tells you what you need to know in order to choose the right broadband plan.


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