Put money into the mattress not under it

Survey shows which mattress gives you best bed for your buck

It’s that time of the year again – with big, red tags discounting 40% off branded mattresses, we discovered the bedding industry is flushed with discounts.

But according to CHOICE, shoppers should look beyond the discount prices (which may be the product's actual price) and base their decision on bed comfort and personal experience.

"It's often hard for consumers because so many retailers are selling so many brands, mattress types and models which are often the same brand under a different name. The bed industry is also driven by discounts which conspire against meaningful price comparisons," says CHOICE spokesman Brad Schmitt.

For the first time 3500 CHOICE members were surveyed for their experiences with mattress brands and retailers. About one-quarter reported buying them from David Jones, Harvey Norman and Myer up to 87% of time on discount.

“Before rushing into cashing into what they think is a massive discount and risk discomfort and the returning it, consumers should take their time to find out the composition of the mattress and if it really suits them,” says Schmitt.

“That may mean taking your partner and being prepared to lie down for more than a few minutes to gauge the relative comfort of mattresses as they do vary.”

The top mattress brand is Tempur, well known for its memory foam mattress, followed by Sleepyhead and Ikea for overall satisfaction. When CHOICE asked its members if they would “definitely” buy this mattress brand again, Tempur took top scores, followed by Sultan (Ikea), Makin and A.H. Beard.

CHOICE advises further savings can be made by haggling for a lower price and asking for pillows and other beddings to be thrown in with the purchase. Consumers are also urged top check warranty conditions such as the inspection and re-delivery fees.

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