Woolies baskets cheaper again in supermarket price check

But location counts - $10 difference between Tas and Vic.

Woolworths had the cheapest total basket of groceries in 39 out of the 61 GroceryChoice regions according to the latest figures released today (May 1).

Coles was the cheapest in 18 regions and the independent supermarkets in four.

The cost of the cheapest total basket in each state varies from $161 to $171. The cost of the basket is calculated using statistical analysis of the prices of hundreds of groceries from supermarkets around the country.

The contrast was starkest between Woolworths in Inner West Melbourne area where the cheapest total basket cost $161.20 and the same chain in the North Western Tasmania area where the dearest total basket cost $171.07.

Overall, Woolies had the cheapest total basket in every state and territory, except for Queensland, where the independents cost less in the East Central region.

In most states the Woolworths basket cost roughly the same, between $161-$163. But in Tasmania, the ACT and NT the cost varied between $167 and $171.

Last month Woolies was cheapest in 42 of the regions.

Aldi has the cheapest staples basket in all 40 regions where they operate. On average the most expensive chain in each region was 41% dearer than Aldi.

CHOICE is currently in discussions with the supermarkets and working towards relaunching the price check service later this year with more timely, local and relevant data.

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27 Feb 2015 |


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