Supermarkets need to come clean on prices

CHOICE calls for national action to break competition deadlock

On the eve of the release of the Senate’s report into the GroceryChoice website CHOICE has renewed its call for the major supermarket chains to offer Australian consumers access to their prices online.

The consumer watchdog wants the government to come good on its plans for an industry-run website with price information that could be independently audited. The Senate Economics References Committee is due tomorrow (Wed 18th) to hand
down its report into the axing of the GroceryChoice website in June.

CHOICE says the public reaction to recent OECD data suggesting Australians pay more for food than comparable nations highlights the need for more price transparency and greater competition in the grocery sector.

Consumers are encouraged to take action by directly emailing their usual supermarket and ask them to publish pricing information on the internet.

“There is no technological barrier to making this information available to Australian shoppers. It’s simply the stubbornness of the big supermarkets which is standing in the way,” said CHOICE spokesman Christopher Zinn. “We need a national consensus including government, the Opposition, consumers, farmers, independent supermarkets and industry groups about the need for change. We won’t be able to bring about change without everyone working together.”

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