GreenPower: keep it real

Consumers shouldn't pay more to pollute less so big business can pay less to pollute more.
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  • Updated:10 Mar 2009

03.What's CHOICE doing?

To better help consumers make genuine green choices, CHOICE is dedicated to  stamping out greenwash and encouraging more transparent value-for-money from environmental products.

That’s why we rank green products and services, make it easy to quickly
find the best value green power  and pick a carbon offset provider  that delivers the greatest benefit for the environment.

But we’re concerned that under the government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, every Australian household that’s been quietly chipping in to make our world a little greener will in fact, feel duped.

We want to be able to continue to support consumers’ green power in good faith. And it's not too late. So we’ll be speaking out publicly, as well as in meetings with government and business leaders, as much as possible – to see that this design flaw is fixed. And we want you to speak up too.


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What we want

We want the government to amend the legislation to:

a)       remove the 2009 baseline and instead account for all GreenPower purchases as additional to the mandatory target;

b)       clearly define voluntary actions and the activities that will be considered under this definition for the purpose of counting them as additional to the mandatory emissions reductions target;

c)       require that voluntary actions result in the abatement of greenhouse gases additional to mandatory emissions reduction targets;

d)       retire a CPRS Permit and an Assigned Amount Unit (AAU) for every tonne of abatement from voluntary action;

e)       require that voluntary action is accounted for over and above the 2020 end point target; and

f)        develop complementary measures which describe the process by which voluntary actions will be accounted for and reported upon. And set a realistic timeframe for measuring emissions saved through voluntary action. An annual reporting timeframe is proposed as it would to inspire consumers and business to take even more voluntary action.