Corporate social responsibility

We believe corporations are obliged to act consistent with the short and long term interests of consumers.
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  • Updated:17 Apr 2008

01.Corporate social responsibilty


The issue

Social Responsibility means different things to different people.

At CHOICE, we believe corporations have an obligation to act consistent with the short and long term interests of consumers.

This includes developing and distributing good quality products at fair prices, and it includes a focus on worthwhile product innovation.

But it also includes:

  • respecting consumers' rights
  • trading fairly
  • acting to protect the environment
  • working for a fairer and more sustainable society

What we want

First and foremost we want corporations to focus their approach to social responsibility on their core business. They should ensure all their trading practices are ethical, their consumer contracts are fair and their political activity is transparent.

They should ensure they tell the whole truth to their customers - and other stakeholders including staff, regulators and policy makers.

Sponsoring a worthwhile cause or investing in an area of social activity removed from their business will not absolve a corporation of unfair contract terms, unethical marketing or regulatory deception.

What we're doing

We have developed our own Social Responsibility Strategy. It focuses on our publishing and advocacy activities as well as committing us to reducing our environmental footprint and other programs.

We have launched a campaign on Green Claims.

We have significantly increased the number of consumer information we publish on sustainable consumption and other social responsibility items.



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