CHOICE submission on regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

CHOICE is calling for an over-arching strategy that guides pre- and post-market regulatory activities.

27 May 2011 | CHOICE wants to see a commitment to put the precautionary principle at the heart of chemical regulation in Australia.


Submission to DAFF

27 Jan 2011 | CHOICE submission to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), December 2010.


Bad chemistry campaign

You don’t need a doctorate in chemistry to see there’s something wrong with regulation of chemicals in Australia.

11 Jan 2010 | CHOICE is campaigning to ensure effective products reach the market while protecting our health, safety and our environment.


Product Safety and Integrity Commission

4 Jan 2010 | CHOICE submission to the Product Safety and Integrity Commission.

Nanotechnology illustration

Nanotechnology project

Australia's permissive wait-and-see approach to nanoparticles is treating consumers like guinea pigs.

4 Jan 2010 | More and more consumer products, including sunscreen and make-up, use nano-sized ingredients that may pose health risks. You can’t tell which products contain nanoparticles, as it’s not required by law to be written on the labels.


National Enabling Technologies Strategy (nanotechnology and biotechnology)

4 Jan 2010 | CHOICE submission to the NETS discussion paper.

Open box of medicine

PBS reform

The Government needs to ensure that consumers can afford to fill their prescriptions

20 Aug 2009 | The PBS is a Government scheme which provides Australians with access to affordable medicines. Pharmacists are the big winners from the reforms.

Family photo

Healthcare reforms

CHOICE is campaigning for citizen engagement in healthcare reform

5 May 2009 | The key problems with the health system is an insufficient focus on prevention and primary care, the inefficient and inequitable allocation of resources and the lack of commitment from government to undertake reform.

Mother caring for sick child

Complementary medicines

Complementary medicines make a range of claims about their effectiveness, but these claims are not always backed up with sound evidence.

2 Dec 2008 | In some cases, complementary medicines can harm consumers’ health. Current regulatory action does not do enough to protect consumers.

Medicine bottle and tablets

Drug advertising

CHOICE calls for greater scrutiny of pharmaceutical marketing, its impact on medical practice and cost pressures on the health system.

11 Jul 2008 | CHOICE is concerned that some pharmaceutical companies are employing potentially misleading marketing strategies to increase drug sales.

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