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Plans to upgrade the broadband network need to be carefully considered
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  • Updated:29 Apr 2009

03.CHOICE past action on broadband

In June 2007, CHOICE wrote to the then Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, outlining our concerns and requesting that more time and community consultation be built into the broadband competitive bids process and planning. Click here to read our letter.

In August 2007, CHOICE made a submission to the Expert Taskforce set up by the Liberal Government to assess broadband proposals to modify its Guidelines. After submissions from Choice and others, the Expert Taskforce amended their Proposal Form to require applicants to assess the impact on consumers of any requested legislative and other regulatory changes.

As we now know, the Rudd government abandoned the Expert Taskforce process and sought bids for a new government supported fibre to node network. In 2009 it instead announced the National Broadband Network fibre to the home proposal, requiring a much larger investment.

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