The future of broadband

Plans to upgrade the broadband network need to be carefully considered

29 Apr 2009 | In April 2009 the Federal Government announced it will establish a new company that will invest up to $43 billion over 8 years to build and operate a National Broadband Network.

Boy with mobile phone

Mobile phone scams and dodgy marketing

Mobile premium services offer users more than ring tones and chat services, but there are consumer protection and competition issues that worry us.

25 Feb 2009 | Many consumers report being signed up to MPS subscriptions without their consent, and others say they have had trouble stopping the services.

Man using computer

ISPs policing your internet use

Watch out! If certain music industry representatives have their way, internet service providers will be required to police your use of the internet.

19 Feb 2009 | The music industry reports a reduction in CD profits, which has motivated them to push for control over how consumers access and store music.

Man with his head down on computer keyboard

Government internet filter puts consumers at risk

Protecting internet users from illegal material is important, however the proposed mandatory ISP-based filter won’t do the job.

19 Feb 2009 | CHOICE holds a number of concerns about the government’s current proposal to introduce mandatory internet filtering at an ISP-level.

Man screaming down phone

Telecomms industry needs reform

Consumer protection in the telecommunications industry falls short of good practice.

16 Oct 2008 | Consumer complaints are soaring with a 31% increase in the number of complaints to the Telecommunications Industry ombudsman in 2007.

Girl using computer

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

International treaties threaten consumer rights

29 Jul 2008 | Behind closed doors, countries like the US, France and Japan have been negotiating a new international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

Mobile phone

Missed call marketing

Returning that 'missed call' could prove expensive.

15 Jan 2008 | The 'missed call' scam is a marketing tactic which tries to shift the cost of a telemarketing call to the consumer – whether or not they want to hear about the promotion.

Girl with media player

Fair copyright rules for consumers

We want copyright rules that are fair to consumers.

9 Mar 2007 | The proposed legal rules on use of music and video do not meet consumers' expectations.


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