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Help fund hand sanitiser lab testing

Chip in to support further testing to keep our community safe.

Woman and child applying hand sanitiser

How you can get involved

It costs $730 to independently test and verify each hand sanitiser and your donation will help us test 15 remaining brands.

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UPDATE: Incredible! Thanks to your donations, we can now independently test 16 hand sanitisers. Can you help us hit our goal of testing 30 popular hand sanitisers consumers are relying on?

We should be able to trust the claims companies make, especially in a pandemic. We've just tested 29 major hand sanitiser brands, but we need to rapidly expand our testing in order to keep companies honest.

It costs $730 to test and verify each sanitiser. With so many people relying on these products for protection, we want to make these results free for everyone.

Will you help fund our hand sanitiser investigation?

  • $7,300 – will fund independent lab testing of 10 more hand sanitisers  ✅
  • $14,600 – will fund independent lab testing of 20 more hand sanitisers 
  • $21,900 – will fund independent lab testing of 30 more hand sanitisers

This investigation comes after we exposed a hand sanitiser sold by Mosaic brands in July which contained only 23% alcohol – well below the amount required to be effective against COVID-19. 

Your donation supports a nonprofit organisation that champions your consumer rights, but it's not tax-deductible.

Hand sanitiser investigation testing results August 2020