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2017 media releases

Explosive cookers kept under lid
20 December 2017
CHOICE investigation reveals gap in Australia’s product safety recall system

Out-of-pocket puzzle
11 December 2017
CHOICE calls for reform to help private patients avoid out-of-pocket pain

Millennials' super breakfast
10 December 2017
CHOICE says young consumers have the biggest appetite for eating out for breakfast

Closing the label loophole
8 December 2017
CHOICE calls for drinks companies to stop hiding kilojoule information on alcoholic options

Domestic travellers left yelling at the sky
6 December 2017
CHOICE research finds one in three Aussie travellers experienced problems with flights

2017 Christmas grocery basket survey
30 November 2017
CHOICE says there are big savings to be made on Christmas groceries if you don’t remain loyal to the big two supermarkets

Your ticket to the best value travel insurance
29 November 2017
CHOICE says buying your travel insurance online can save you hundreds of dollars

Google searches for genuine ticket resellers
23 November 2017
CHOICE welcomes Google’s new certification program for ticket resellers

Pack weight threat
20 November 2017
CHOICE says 92% of people want to see pack weights maintained on the front of products

Mattress industry gouging prices
13 November 2017
CHOICE says consumers should never pay full price for a good night’s sleep

Time for action on added sugar labelling
09 November 2017
CHOICE and the Australian Dental Association launch campaign targeting Health Ministers to act on added sugar labelling

Thermomix admission highlights gap in incident reporting
29 October 2017
CHOICE calls for incident reports to be made public following Thermomix's admission it misled consumers

Dial up your telco rights
18 October 2017
CHOICE says consumers with ongoing telco issues can leave a contract without penalty

Federal Government to push young people into junk policies
12 October 2017
CHOICE says the Federal Government’s proposed health insurance reforms fail to protect young consumers

CHOICE says CBA credit card announcement a positive step
11 October 2017
CHOICE urges all banks to provide better credit cards for customers

CHOICE welcomes NSW Government's gift card expiry changes
09 October 2017
CHOICE says NSW gift card changes should be rolled out across Australia

CHOICE welcomes NSW ticketing reforms
08 October 2017
CHOICE says NSW Government reforms highlight urgent need for change in ticketing industry

Dodgy labels land Coles & Vita Gummies at the ACCC
05 October 2017
CHOICE refers two Shonky Award winners to the ACCC for alleged breaches of Australian Consumer Law

Samsung's Shonky hat-trick
05 October 2017
CHOICE airs the dirty laundry on Samsung's washer/dryer combo that wastes time, money and water

Westpac banks on the unborn at this year's Shonkys
05 October 2017
CHOICE calls out Westpac's creepy tactic to target the unborn

2017 Shonky Award winners revealed
05 October 2017
All the "winners" at the 2017 Shonky Awards, where CHOICE names and shames the worst goods and services sold in Australia.

Banking on school kids
05 October 2017
CHOICE calls for an end to commissions for school banking programs

Know your travel rights
25 September 2017
CHOICE says consumers should know their travel rights amid the airport outage chaos and Bali volcano

CHOICE urges consumers to back the proposed compulsory airbag recall
22 September 2017
CHOICE calls on consumers to help drive home a compulsory Takata airbag recall

CHOICE welcomes the compulsory airbag recall proposed by Minister
21 September 2017
CHOICE welcomes the Minister's decision to initiate a compulsory Takata airbag recall

CHOICE busts the bottled water myth
16 September 2017
CHOICE finds bottle water brands spruiking murky claims

CHOICE announces Sandra Davey as new Chair
30 August 2017
CHOICE announces the appointment of digital and product executive Sandra Davey as the new Chair of its Board

CHOICE welcomes ACCC action against Viagogo
28 August 2017
CHOICE says court proceedings highlight urgent need for reform in the ticket resale industry

Young people increasingly worried about housing costs
21 August 2017
CHOICE's latest Consumer Pulse survey finds 77% of young Australians are worried about the cost of housing

Car companies fail to alert customers about deadly airbags
15 August 2017
CHOICE finds car companies have failed to warn to customers about 50,000 potentially deadly "alpha" airbags

Honda confirms refitting dangerous airbags
26 July 2017
CHOICE calls on Honda to urgently notify the 42,000 Australians who received like-for-like defective replacement airbags

Airbag fatality
21 July 2017
CHOICE is urging motorists to check whether their cars have been recalled because of a defective airbag, following the first likely Australian Takata fatality

Flushable claims wipes away
21 July 2017
CHOICE finds Aldi, Kleenex and Sorbent flushable wipes do not break down in household pipes

Calls to end health cover confusion
14 July 2017
CHOICE calls for reform as survey finds 57% of consumers purchase health insurance for poor value extras cover

Free range eggs-aggeration
13 July 2017
CHOICE says supermarket price war around free range eggs is not all it’s cracked up to be

NBN milestone
10 July 2017
CHOICE is calling for consumers to sign up to a national monitoring program to keep internet service providers on the NBN honest

Potentially toxic Aldi taps
10 July 2017
CHOICE calls for tougher product safety laws after regulator raises concerns over thousands of potentially toxic taps

Calls for mortgage broker standards to be lifted
10 July 2017
CHOICE calls for action to cut the conflicts in home loan sales to protect consumers as the Federal Government examines the mortgage broking sector

Internet Satisfaction Survey
07 July 2017
CHOICE finds 62% of Australians faced issues with their internet in the past six months, with Telstra ranked last for value for money

Look past the lifetime health cover hype
23 June 2017
CHOICE says young Australians shouldn’t feel pressured into taking out health insurance just to avoid paying lifetime health cover loading

CHOICE welcomes ACCC’s action against Thermomix
16 June 2017
CHOICE says proceedings highlight need for transparency on product safety

Supermarket Price Survey
06 June 2017
CHOICE says Aldi has the cheapest grocery basket in Australia

Weighty warning
01 June 2017
CHOICE bites back over the food industry’s plan to remove product weight from the front of packs

Budget sets out fairer rules for big business
09 May 2017
CHOICE welcomes a budget that holds the big end of town accountable

Big bank shake up to give power back to consumers
09 May 2017
New powers and penalties to increase consumer protection in banking

Cardless cash con
04 May 2017
CHOICE warns consumers against using cardless cash when shopping on Gumtree

Jetstar fails to fly
28 April 2017
International airline customer satisfaction survey grounds Jetstar

Consumers banking on reform
26 April 2017
Consumers deposit 1318 reasons to reform the banking sector

Free range egg definition fails consumers
26 April 2017
CHOICE says the new government standard released today is not a win for consumers

Hidden added sugar overload
24 April 2017
CHOICE report finds better labelling can help Aussies cut up to 38 kilograms of hidden added sugar each year

Ending the resale rip-offs
13 April 2017
Consumer groups launch international survey of ticket resellers to address world-wide rorts

Time to link penalties to profit
12 April 2017
CHOICE reaffirms call to significantly boost penalties for breaches of the Consumer Law

Time for a change
10 April 2017
CHOICE says switching nappy brands could see you leak less cash

The good egg hunt
06 April 2017
CHOICE is calling on consumers to get cracking this Easter and join the good egg hunt to find genuine free range eggs

Electricity and healthcare cast economic shadow
03 April 2017
CHOICE says healthcare costs and electricity prices are the top cause for concern across Australia

Beat the unhealthy price hike
29 March 2017
CHOICE says there’s still time to save on health insurance

120 day delay inflicting greater payday pain
27 March 2017
Consumer groups call for the Federal Government to take immediate action to protect payday loan and lease borrowers  

Mortgage broker mayhem
17 March 2017
Consumer groups calls for action on conflicted remuneration in mortgage market following damning report

Nine hours of terms apply
15 March 2017
CHOICE says global companies need to stop pushing consumers into signing off on long, unreadable online contracts

Ticket Reseller investigation
08 March 2017
CHOICE says some ticket resale websites can leave you out of pocket and out in the cold

Multi-billion dollar credit card rip-off
07 March 2017
CHOICE says consumers have lost $3.49 billion because credit card interest rates haven’t moved in line with the cash rate

Choice grills "healthy" burger claims
03 March 2017
CHOICE says gourmet burger chains are health washing their salty and fatty food

Big bank credit card go slow
02 March 2017
CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to require banks to allow online credit card cancellation

Super waste tops $1.9 billion
24 February 2017
CHOICE says nearly half of all Australians are being slugged with duplicate super insurance fees and the regulator is powerless to stop it

National Renters Research
16 February 2017
Aussie renters facing insecurity and poor quality housing, with 50% reporting discrimination

Pharmacy Shadow Shop
13 February 2017
CHOICE’s research finds almost 1-in-3 pharmacists recommend products that have no evidence to demonstrate they work

Time to target premium pain
10 February 2017
CHOICE says it's time to junk poor policies and simplify information

Country of Origin labelling
09 February 2017
CHOICE says new food labelling laws a win for consumers

New financial advice laws increase consumer protection
09 February 2017
CHOICE welcomes new laws to reduce toxic commissions in financial advice and lift standards

VW must come clean
08 February 2017
CHOICE says Australian emissions scandal victims are left fuming over VW’s smokescreen

Don't overpay for your holiday
23 January 2017
CHOICE says signing up for a timeshare holiday could cost 115% more than booking accommodation directly

Don't inflict unnecessary premium pain on the young
19 January 2017
Young consumers should be asking: Do I Need Health Insurance?

CHOICE calls fowl over "free range" claims
05 January 2017
CHOICE says consumers shouldn't pay a price premium for fake "free range" eggs

Ticket Reseller investigation 
08 March 2017
CHOICE says some ticket resale websites can leave you out of pocket and out in the cold
Ticket Reseller investigation 
08 March 2017
CHOICE says some ticket resale websites can leave you out of pocket and out in the cold
Beat the unhealthy price hike
29 March 2017
CHOICE says there’s still time to save on health insurance
Beat the unhealthy price hike
29 March 2017
CHOICE says there’s still time to save on health insurance
Beat the unhealthy price hike
29 March 2017
CHOICE says there’s still time to save on health insurance