Domestic airlines satisfaction survey 2010

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03.Bouquets and brickbats



"Qantas staff are very hit and miss - some might not treat you well, others are great and attentive."

"Qantas has gone downhill steadily over the last two or three years. It now respresents very poor value for money and has awful queues to check in, dreadfully inadequate leg room, poor service on the ground and in flight, bad attitudes among the staff, run down, crowded and low quality club lounges and poor food and drink (ground and in flight). I rarely fly with them when I can go on Virgin instead."

"The in-flight staf were very pleasant and helpful but there was little leg room. The seating arrangements were such that big tall men were seated together even though there were multiple empty double seats."

"I was very unhappy with how they ignored my special gluten free meal request. Despite repeated checks during booking, before flying, 50% of the time this has not been noted or delivered, and I am always offered another "special" meal-which is not gluten free. My complaints to the airline has not helped."

"When travelling with my baby over the past year, I have found the Qantas staff to be excellent and very accommodating."


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"If you are over 183cms, you are in constant pain as the seats are too close together."

"Our flight was cancelled and Jetstar made no attempt to contact us in advance of our arrival at the airport."

"The only reliable thing about Jetstar is that they will be late in departure, which is OK if you've been stuck in traffic!""

"We were not notified prior to arrival at the airport that our flight was late, there was no staff at the boarding gate or anywhere at the check-in gates and no updates on a screen to suggest when we needed to board. All of a sudden, one hour after the scheduled take-off time, we saw the gate screen flash 'Boarding' and we were rushed onto the plane. Communication was appalling."

"As a Qantas Frequent Flyer I was disappointed that Jetstar do not allow you to accrue points even though the two airlines are affiliated with each other."


"It was a cheap flight. the service was reflected by the price, you get what you pay for! you have to check in two hours before he flight. for the prioce, we didn't mind, but our flight to Melbourne was delayed by more than two hours, which meant we were at the airport for more than four hours. We won't be flying with Tiger again. We'ed rather pay a little more."

"The check-in process was poorly serviced and it took 55 minutes to move from the end of the queue to the counter. The terminal building in Melbourne is very poorly constructed and serviced."

"Very very strict application of baggage limit and extra costs of getting to the airport at 4.30am to catch flight absolutely negated any advantage of the cheaper fare. Be warned."

"We knew we were flying with a budget airline so expected little from the experience. Two biggest issues were: 1. Check in - no courtesy, extremely strict on baggage allowance, only accept cash for excess baggage. 2. Arriving at Melbourne (Tullamarine) airport - long walk from plane to baggage collection which is a fenced off outdoor area which makes you feel like livestock. As I said we knew it was a budget airline but it went a little too far."

"I'm always a bit anxious about delays and cancellations with Tiger, so always allow margin for error, but personally, I have only ever experienced a pretty minor delay. Basically, I get what I pay for and happy with that." 


"Standards have dropped over the years, I have been flying for over 30 years and compared to then, quality has dropped, but prices now are at least more affordable comparing then to what is offered today."

"The flight was good but it would be good if the price was cheaper then I would use it more often."

"Small operator who obviously cares about customer service and are helpful and courteous."

"I've flown Rex more than 20 times this year. Every time, without exeption, I've found the pilots need to apolgise for something. Generally it's for late take-off / arrival. I wouldn't fly Rex if they had a competitor on the Broken Hill route."

"They were very obliging in giving me the seat I requested."

Virgin Blue:

"Virgin offers the best economy flight in terms of service to the public. You feel they are doing the best they can for you rather than you having to abide by THEIR conditions of service."

"The flights from Sydney to Melbourne were delayed both going to and returning. The delays were roughly 45min each, but we were kept informed."

"This was the first time I've flown Virgin Blue. I found the food better than Qantas, and worth the small charge levied. Seats seemed to be roomier than Qantas."

"Virgin Blue maintained the standards of convenience and service I've come to expect from them from all my years of domestic air travel with them."

"I don't mind Virgin charging for food (it keeps the prices down). I just wish their range was better (and better quality). On a flight to Adelaide I want more choice in edible food than Pringles."

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