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Air New Zealand

"Air New Zealand were very professional and offered great service and the food was great. I would recommend them to anyone."

"Excellent service. Spare seat could be purchased for $60 making for more room."

"Will never fly with this airline again if there is an alternative. The check-in staff was very rude. The airline's baggage allowance rules also changed when I was charged excess for my golf clubs on my way back to Australia - I was not on my way to New Zealand."

Cathay Pacific

 "I was upgraded to Business Class due to economy being overbooked, the service was nothing short of excellent. Can't fault a thing with their service and staff. Even when a spare seat was available in economy on the next leg of the flight they brought me back up to Business Class to complete the journey."

"The seating on the flight was very uncomfortable as there was an electronic box under the seat which took up about half the width and made it very difficul to stretch your legs, very annoying on a long flight."

"We went on a round the world ticket trip. Cathay Pacific was fantastic, professional and everything was as it should be. Food, service, blankets, entertainment etc. etc. Perfect."


Air China

"A very, very old 747 plane with seats and leg room designed for small framed people, not 6 foot solidly built people. But is was the cheapest fare to USA."

"I took the flight with Air China because it was part of an organised package tour, but I would hesitate long and hard before flying long distance with them again. Short haul flights within China were fine, but they used the same planes for long haul (10 hours+) and it just wasn't an appropriate standard."

"Very slow and rather chaotic check-in in Australia - much better in China, however. Overall I was satisfied with the value and service, and would happily fly Air China again." 


"The return sector Dubai to Melbourne on Airbus 340-300 was extremely uncomfortable. I have long legs - when the seat was tilted for sleeping, my legs did not reach the floor, ensuring cutting off the blood flow in the legs. The seat was not adjustable - I think that they must have removed leg rests. I had to put a bag under my feet. My wife, who is much shorter, went through total misery."

"This airline offered a direct flight to cities in UK other than London - for me a big advantage not to transit through Heathrow."

"Having flown on a A380 Airbus return from Sydney to Auckland for $300 (including taxes) there is no contest. Amazing price, service and plane." 

"Emirates is a great airline all around. It is my airline of choice when flying to Europe or New Zealand."

Etihad Airways

"I've flown with Etihad a few times now and its flights to the UK always seemes to be the cheapest. The service was good throughout the flight although this time round in-flight entertainment programs seems more limited."

"Food quality was excellent but there wasn't enough of it. I had to ask for extra food frequently. I'm 6'2" so leg room will always be an issue but Etihad were pretty good and i was able to succesfully request emergency exit/bulkhead seats for two of the four legs which was a blessing!"

"Extremely good value for everything on a discounted flight. Would travel with them again."

Japan Airlines

"JAL offer a stopover at Narita Airport Hotel, included in the cost of the ticket, on the flight from Aust to UK. This break in the trip is a life saver for we oldies (I'm 71)on a long haul. On the return flight you can book a small room at Narita Airport where you can shower and have a 3-4 hour sleep in a comfy bed between connecting flights at a small cost ($A30-$A40). As an older traveller having to fly economy, this service puts JAL ahead of the rest."

"JAL service at check-in and on the flt for our family of 2 adults and 3 young children was superb. Their procedures taking families with young children for immediate check-in makes a very big and welcome difference. We would highly recommend JAL, however not if the flt is shared with Alitalia. Our second leg was Alitalia (Tokyo - Rome). The service was almost non-existent, the entertainment system did not work at all for the whole flt in our whole section of three rows of seats. There was no apology or compensation."

"Only problem was that the food was Japanese, with some of it being great and other parts being not to our taste. With no other options for food on the flight, it restricts how much food there is to eat for the international flight."


"Baggage allowance was ridiculously low - especially since we were going on a ski trip with boots and gear. Information about how to pay for extra baggage was BURIED in the website - we had to work hard to find it. Eventually we pre-paid for extra baggage but it added a huge amount to our "cheap" flights."

"Booked to fly Business Class with Qantas using FF points but on arrival at Melb airport found we had been transferred to a Jetstar flight in economy class. We were told that Qantas no longer flew to Bali. Despite a written complaint we were not refunded any points, in fact our complaint was ignored."

"While I don't rate Jetstar very highly in many of the categories, you do (and I certainly do) need to remember that you generally get what you pay for with these low cost airlines with very low fares."

Malaysia Airlines

 "I flew with Malaysian Airlines and they were very good. Professional staff and good aircraft. The price was good value."

"I was in a wheelchair at the time and the service was great! I was escorted with a personal porter from the time of my arrival at the check-in in Malaysia to boarding."

"I've flown many times with Malaysia Airlines and the entire service is memorable, in particular the food and friendliness of the staff."

Pacific Blue

 "Pacific Blue was bloody awful. I contacted them about the painful (yes, PAINFUL) seats, but no reply. They also cancelled one leg of our trip, making us to depart the day before, with little notice and not a word of apology. Bastards!"

"Seats too small and very little leg room. Nil inflight entertainment unless you pay for it, same with food. Food you can buy is very average quality and too little options. Crew were friendly though and helpful."

"Adequate for short-haul trip like NZ. Wouldn't like to be squashed in for a longer flight, it could be a bit torturous. Everything was adequate and the flights departed/arrived on schedule. Quite professional for a discount airline." 


"Used frequent flyer points. Great service on outbound flight and first class upgrade (from economy FF seats) on inbound return flights. FF status was gold at the time."

"Used Qantas frequent flyer points and was bumped to a jetstar flight, everything was an extra cost."

"We have been loyal Qantas travellers for many years. Despite advantages of frequent flyer scheme, standard of comfort on these flights (particularly leg room and seat comfort) will have us looking to another airline in the future."

"Yes. Bloody Qantas rerouted me to the UK via Darwin and Bangkok at the last moment. Had a long wait in Darwin sitting on the tarmac when we were not allowed to disembark. I stood outside the pale at the top of the passenger gantry just o get some fresh air and stretch my legs. I complained about the rerouting by filling in an on-board customer complaint form that the cabin crew promised me would reach head office. I never heard a dicky bird. Qantas is just the pits. I will never fly Qantas again."

"Service on the A380s is impeccable but I guess that is to be expected since these are the flagships of the Quantas fleet and would be staffed by top people. None the less they do well and deserve acknowlegement."

"Qantas fails in all areas. Poor attitude from all staff, including check in, in flight and customer relations. Flights are Sydney-centric,do not offer convenient routes, particularly on international flights, do not offer good prices regularly, have numerous delays where information to passengers on the ground is minimal and redirection of flights, when cancelled, are poorly planned, poorly executed and insensitive to their customers needs. I was a Qantas Frequent Flyer for over 20 years and Qantas Club Life Member for over 10 years, but I grew tired and frustrated with all of the above and will not fly with them ever again."

"Flew with Qantas on the new A380 and will only ever fly on the A380 again where available. Great legroom, comfortable seats and low noise level."

Singapore Airlines

 "Having tried a number of airlines for personal international travel in last few years, Singapore Airlines is clearly the best."

"I continue to be impressed with Singapore Airlines' quality of passenger service. They genuinely interact with passengers, many times anticipating their needs. An all around winner in terms of service."

"One noticeable difference with the cabin crew was there focus on passengers and helpfulness. They located an earring for me that I had lost on the floor. Also I have food intolerances where preservatives give me food poisoning. The food was interesting and delicious and I was able to enjoy it on these flights with no adverse reaction."

"Travelling with two children, aged three and 18 months, the staff were extremely helpful and being able to keep our stroller with us until just prior to boarding was terrific."

"Yes. How is it that some airlines get it right ALL OF THE TIME and some just don't get it. They need to travel on the opposition occasionally to see how it is done."

Tiger Airways

"Tiger Airways is fine when everything is going according to plan, but their procedures for handling problems are either poor or non-existent, with the result that passengers are often totally out of the information loop. In addition, it is difficult to even contact anyone who may be able to sort out a problem, and when you do it is hard or impossible to find someone actually willing to help."

"Tiger was OK, reasonable leg room and staff attitude. Downside was that its Singapore terminal is outside the main terminals, meant we couldn't use the airport hotels during our long wait for a flight to UK then onto Spain."

"There was a cyclone alert in Darwin which left us stranded in Singapore over night. Tiger looked after us but were disorganised and little information was diseminated to passengers. standard issues with low cost airlines - legroom and additional charges especially baggage." 

United Airlines

 "No individual secreens for in-flight entertainment. Old 747, noisy plane, not very comfortable seat, grumpy old crew."

"Service at check in was non existant. Staff were rude. Inflight staff were rude and unhelpful. service was poor. meals were unappettising and luke warm. Coffee was undrinkable. We waited 55 minutes before first bag appeared. These frustrations caused anger and quarels amongst passengers, which was very scary especially for older travellers."

"Will never fly with United again, due to lack of comfort and crap entertainment." 

V Australia

"Great service, loved everything about them except the seats seemed a lot smaller than on other planes (I flew on a 777-300). WE travelled with a baby and got really outstanding help from the booking process through to arrival."

"Very impressed with first time on V-Australia. QF has a lot of catching up to match this service and it was significantly less expensive."

"V Australia were a breath of fresh air.Planes are spacious,  of leg room,comfortable seats and staff were fantastic. I would definitely fly with them again."

Virgin Atlantic

"We have travelled to the UK on a number of occasions with Virgin Atlantic and to a number of other destinations with other airlines - the staff at Virgin Atlantic are the best we have travelled with so far."

"Excellent service on Virgin Atlantic. Very friendly helpful staff, would recommend them anytime."

"The airline catered very poorly for my faring paying child. No entertainment was provided."


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