GPS car navigation review March 2009

GPS test results for both city and country driving.
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  • Updated:1 Mar 2009



Test results for 17 GPS systems, priced from $130 to $920

A car GPS is like an electronic street directory which not only shows you how to get from one point to another but also connects to a series of satellites to calculate your position. CHOICE took 17 of the latest car GPS units to the streets, including our first ever ALDI model, and found that while most performed well, following their directions unequivocally is still not recommended.

Please note: this information was current as of March 2009 but is still a useful guide to today's market. For more recent information, see our 2012 Car GPS review.

Our highly experienced tester spent hours driving in and around Sydney looking at how well each unit performed — in tunnels, tollways and the city. He also tested the units outside the major city areas, to see how well they performed off the beaten track.

He looked at how easy each unit was to use, including whether the verbal instructions were easy to understand, and most importantly – he assessed the accuracy of the map data and how well each unit calculated routes and times.

First ALDI model

CHOICE has received many requests to review ALDI car GPS devices. However, you can't be sure a product that shows up one week will be available the following week. Therefore, by the time we test the product and deliver the results, the product is no longer available.

The Tevion model on test was purchased late in 2008. In testing it was neither among the best nor worst, but if you want an inexpensive unit it might be an option.

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