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  • Updated:6 Jan 2005

02.Do you have fund choice?

You have fund choice if, before 29 July 2005, your employer gives you the special form called the Standard Choice Form (SCF). You’re likely to have choice of fund if you’re:

  • Employed under a federal industrial award (an industrial award sets out the conditions of employment) or
  • Not subject to any award or agreement.

If you live in WA, and in some circumstances NSW and Tasmania, you already have fund choice under existing state laws.

Around 40% of Australian employees still won’t have fund choice under the new system.

You’re unlikely to have choice of fund if you’re:

  • Employed under some state awards
  • Employed in the public sector and you fall within special categories, for example, you’re a member of an unfunded public sector scheme
  • Employed under an Australian Workplace Agreement or
  • A member of a defined benefit fund. Defined benefit choices should be exercised with great caution and specialised advice.