Inflated surcharges

CHOICE finds credit card surcharges are money for jam for some retailers.
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05.How to avoid surcharges

Some CHOICE members have changed their payment behaviour where possible. When last asked to pay a credit card surcharge, more than one in three survey respondents chose another payment method or cancelled their purchase. Member comments in our article on Woolworths and debit cards provide some good tips. Many participants told us they would consider not returning to a business that imposes credit card surcharges. “I don’t pay them as a matter of principle – they (the company) lose my business,” said one survey participant.

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We also asked respondents what they would be most likely to do if presented with a 2% surcharge in a shop or restaurant. Just over one in seven indicated they would pay the fee without question; others said they would “pay once but not return”; while about 60% stated they’d attempt to pay with a method that doesn’t attract a surcharge. About one in five said they would go to another merchant that didn’t apply the surcharge.


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