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Independent and trusted tests and investigations of your options for buying foreign currency and spending money overseas.


Travel money card comparisons

Avoiding fees is the first order of business when it comes to pre-paid travel money cards.

5 Jan 2015 | The travel card market has expanded in the last couple of years, with a range of new products released to the market, but the fees can still pack a sting.


Overseas money transfers

When transferring money overseas, it pays to avoid the banks.

3 Apr 2013 | Unexpected fees and a poor exchange rate could cost you hundreds of dollars in the course of an international money transfer.


Foreign transaction fees

Foreign exchange is rarely a straightforward transaction.

10 Jul 2012 | Exchange rates say Aussies should be picking up a nice little bonus on overseas transactions this year. Research by a savvy CHOICE member says otherwise.

World currency iStock

Travel money cards quick review

It's a safer bet than carrying cash or a bank card when you travel overseas, but will these cards save you money?

21 Dec 2009 | We expose the hidden costs.

Currency exchange

Travel money buying guide

Keep currency costs to a minimum on your next overseas trip.

23 Apr 2009 | CHOICE recommends you take a mix of cash and cards to cover expenses and provide a back-up plan. We tell you which companies provide the best products and rates.

Exchange rate table

The foreign currency gouge

For years some major credit card companies failed to adequately disclose the fees for overseas transactions.

30 Apr 2007 | Our investigation shows many consumers were charged more for overseas transactions than the fees disclosed on their statements suggested.


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