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Mozzie repellents

Mosquito repellents review

As Australians begin their mass annual migration to the country’s lakes and beaches, CHOICE finds out which mosquito repellents actually repel mozzies

6 Nov 2013 | We test 15 mozzie repellents to determine their effectiveness and whether or not they meet their claims. The recommended products provide the best protection against mozzie bites.


Cockroach killers review

Cockroach killers are an effective short-term solution - but in the long term, prevention is best.

16 Oct 2013 | CHOICE tested three types of chemical control - knockdown sprays, surface sprays, and baits and traps - to find out which ones are the most effective.



Is your house being eaten by termites? Don’t get bitten twice.

30 Oct 2005 | Our special report brings you up to date with the current issues and practice in termite treatment and helps you protect yourself from ineffective, expensive or harmful treatment.


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