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  • Updated:18 Jul 2008

05.What to look for

In general

  • Strong construction.
  • Few crevices for easier cleaning.
  • Few attachments for easy storage, assembly and disassembly.

Hard cheese graters

  • A fine, sharp blade that can be removed easily from the container.
  • A good-sized container underneath the blade area.
  • Stability when grating on the bench.

All-purpose box graters

  • Four types of blade (for coarse and fine grating, slicing and grinding), all slightly angled, and the prickly-looking grinding blade not too small.
  • A large, comfortable handle positioned away from the blade area.
  • Non-slip rubber feet or surface around the base to help stabilise the grater.
  • Good-sized cavity to prevent clogging.

Flat graters

  • No more than two blade types on one surface. (The three blade types on the AVANTI and DALSON are too small and close to each other to use comfortably.)
  • Long and flat (or slightly convex) blade area for a smooth action.
  • Two-way action grates faster.
  • A non-slip end to rest on the bench while grating.
  • Safety cover for storage to protect blades (and fingers).

Rotary graters

  • Strong construction.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Good-sized cavity.


  • Except for the NIGELLA LAWSON hard cheese grater (which isn’t suitable for the dishwasher because its egg-shaped top is made of beech wood), we washed all tested graters in a dishwasher.
  • Only the DALSON showed some rust afterwards, although it was labelled ‘dishwasher-safe’. In general, this label just indicates the item’s made of stainless steel — it’s no guarantee that it won’t rust, eventually, or its blades won’t deteriorate.

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