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Sunbeam Café Creamy Automatic Milk Frother EMO180

1 and a half stars out of 5

Price $80

Sunbeam claims that, at the touch of a button, the Café Creamy will heat and froth milk to create the perfect café latte or cappuccino. CHOICE, however, isn’t convinced. The Café Creamy resembles a small, cordless electric kettle with a motor and heating element in the base, as well as a removable jug with lid. Two attachments are supplied with the unit, one for mixing and the other for frothing milk. Three switches allow you to create cold milk beverages, warm drinks and to froth milk – simply fill the jug to the required level (110mL min and 250mL max) and select one of the three options. The rest is done automatically, and the unit will stop at the end of the operation.

We assessed the Café Creamy by frothing hot and cold beverages and heating milk. When frothing a hot beverage, we found that while the milk reaches the desired 65°C, the froth isn’t what you’d expect for lattes or cappuccinos – it resembles what’s known as “roadhouse” froth, with hard peaks that need to be spooned out instead of poured. For heating, we found it heats the milk and mixes the coffee well, despite only a thin layer of froth being formed.

The jug’s non-stick surface is easy to clean, however it’s difficult to remove and change the attachments. The frother attachment has thin prongs, so care needs to be taken as it can bend easily.

CHOICE verdict 

The Café Creamy is cheaper than the Lattemento milk frother we reviewed, however the quality of froth is the same. If you’re making lattes or cappuccinos at home, chances are you’ll already own an espresso machine, and most new models have in-built milk frothing mechanisms. We still recommend the Sunbeam Café Espresso Stainless EM3800 ($199 RRP), the Best Buy in our last round of espresso machine testing. For an extra $120 you get the whole package – not only good froth but a good cup of coffee as well.



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