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This appliance allows you to vacuum pack your food at home.
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01.Breville Fresh Keeper BVP700


Price: $130
3 stars out of 5 

Breville has released a sealing device that vacuum-packs food items, by using specially designed bags.

Vacuum-packing stores food in an air-tight environment, and by combining vacuum packaging with refrigeration you can reduce the growth of some bacteria. Breville's the Fresh Keeper works in conjunction with the Breville Sous Vide whereby the food needs to be vacuum packed before you can place it in the Sous Vide.

The Fresh Keeper is easy to use, simply position the bag correctly, making sure there is no food or residue near the opening of the bag and then press down on the unit. After about 20 seconds most of the air is removed and then a further five to 10 seconds will seal the bag. While it works well to remove air and seal food, Fiona found it to be hit-and-miss at times. Make sure the bag is correctly positioned and pressing down on both sides should give a better seal.

To test how well it is at keeping food fresh, we vacuum-sealed a piece of pork and a piece of chicken for six days after which both still appeared to be fresh, were not dried out or slimy and still had a fresh smell. 

Ongoing cost

While this product does keep food fresh for longer it comes at a price. While it comes with a roll of 20cm bags, the cost of the vacuum bags is an ongoing expense, like we found when we tested the Sunbeam FoodSaver. You can source extra bags online - we found it to cost $18.95 for 25 bags or $28.95 for a roll of 20cm x 7cm bags.

You can pay only $3.09 for a pack of 50 small Glad sandwich bags.

CHOICE verdict

While the Fresh Keeper BVP700 does keep food fresh longer, there is an ongoing cost associated with purchasing the vacuum pouches. This type of product would be suitable if you buy in bulk and need to keep foods stored for longer periods.

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