Dyson Pedestal Fan first look

We take a peek at Dyson's latest bladeless offering.
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01.Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan

Dyson pedestal fan
Contact: dyson.com.au
Price: $599
2 stars out of 5

Dyson’s sleek bladeless fans have been around for a while now. When we first looked at their table fan we rated it highly for style but not so well for performance. 

There’s a full test of pedestal and tower fans coming online in November 2012, but in the meantime here’s a peek at Dyson’s pedestal fan.

We've compared the Dyson to a traditional-style pedestal fan, and a tower fan, pictured below, in one of our labs and set the room temperature to 28°C. 

GVA40PF, $19
Traditional pedestal fan
   03-Omega-fan-new Omega Altise OT600E, $76
Tower fan


Five CHOICE staff members compared the fans for:

  • airflow 
  • cooling effect 
  • noise 
  • ease of cleaning. 

The fans were on their highest speed settings and were aimed in a fixed direction at the staff member, sitting three metres away.

  • The testers agreed the Dyson would be easy to clean – certainly easier than the traditional fan.
  • None of the testers found the Dyson particularly good for airflow or cooling.
  • Several said that it felt inconsistent or uneven, and less powerful than the other two fans, though still generally acceptable. 
  • They also found it noisy, with an annoying faint high pitch a bit like a vacuum cleaner. 

We measured the sound levels of all three fans; they are fairly similar at their low speeds, but at high speed the Dyson is indeed noisier, 54dB compared to 42dB (the pedestal) and 44dB (the Omega). Not noisy enough to disturb a conversation, but perhaps enough to be annoying in your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.

The Dyson uses less energy at minimum speed, but at maximum speed and oscillation it uses more energy than the others (61W vs 33W and 43W), though this is a low consumption compared to most other appliances. The Dyson and the tower fan are safer than the traditional fan as they have no accessible moving fan blades.

High price to pay

Our testers liked the Dyson's style and its remote control. However, none said they’d buy it at $599, though two would consider it at a much lower price. The testers preferred the tower fan for its better airflow and compact design, or the traditional fan for its decent performance at low price.

CHOICE verdict

The Dyson AM03 pedestal fan is clever and stylish, but there are other options offering better performance at much lower prices.


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