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Best ceiling fans for bedrooms

How to choose a ceiling fan for a peaceful night's sleep.

Best ceiling fans for bedrooms Haiku L Series Fanco ECO Silent Aeratron AE2
Last updated: 27 August 2019

Need to know

  • Our ‘bedroom score’ rates how well a ceiling fan moves air at the lowest setting without disrupting your sleep
  • Ceiling fans using a DC motor tend to be quieter and therefore better for bedrooms
  • Not only do they keep you cool in the summer, but ceiling fans can be used to recirculate heat in the winter and warm up your bedroom

Looking into the best cooling options for your bedroom? Ceiling fans are a stylish, cost-effective choice that you may prefer over a bulky air-conditioning unit, and they can also help keep you warm in winter by helping to recirculate warm air from a heater. 

But a noisy fan whirring above your head while you try to sleep is not ideal either, so it's important to choose a quiet one with a range of speed settings.

We test more than 90 models in our CHOICE labs and give each one a 'bedroom score' for how it performs at the lowest setting without being too noisy. 

You may also like to consider added features such as a timer or remote control (so you can turn the fan on or off from your bed), and dimmable integrated lighting that fits in with the decor of your bedroom.

Here are three ceiling fans that tick a few boxes when it comes to creating an ideal sleeping environment. For the full results on all the fans we test and to find out which ones we recommend, head to our ceiling fan reviews.

big ass fans haiku l series 52_2

Big Ass Haiku L Series 52 fan

  • Cost: $795
  • Bedroom score: 90%
  • Features: Plastic blades, integrated dimmable light, remote, optional smart connectivity for voice control

Fans using a direct current (DC) motor are becoming more popular for bedrooms as they often have up to seven settings, allowing you to control the speed you prefer while you sleep (as compared to AC models that often only have three settings). This high-tech model has seven speed settings and can automatically adjust according to the ambient temperature of your room while you sleep. It's designed to work with Amazon Alexa so you can adjust the controls from the comfort of your bed just using your voice (or there's also a remote if you're not as high-tech). 

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fanco eco silent 2 fan

Fanco Eco Silent fan

  • Cost: $295
  • Bedroom score: 90%
  • Features: Wood blades, integrated light, remote control, reversible mode

This ceiling fan has five speed settings, and gives excellent air movement performance at lower fan speeds which makes it a good choice for a peaceful night's sleep. It also has a reverse mode so you can use it in conjunction with a reverse-cycle air conditioner in winter to circulate warmth from a heater and cosy up your bedroom. 

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Aerotron AE3

  • Cost: $519
  • Bedroom score: 90%
  • Features: Stylish, quiet design; energy-efficient 

With a design inspired by bird wings to create noiseless movement, this stylish fan is also efficient, using far less energy than an ordinary AC ceiling fan and costing an average of just $9 a year to run. 

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