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How we test pedestal and tower fans

How we keep our cool when testing fans

pedestal fan living room
Last updated: 22 October 2019

Pedestal and tower fans don't chill the air like an air conditioner but for a fraction of the cost the right one will still cool you down. You can buy one for as little as $15, however they can range right up to $800 for a model that also doubles as an air purifier. We take a look at the features they come with but our main performance test looks at which fans have the best airflow.

Our expert testers

We've been testing pedestal and tower fans in our in-house labs for a while now, so our expert testers know what makes a good one. Our experts also have 20+ years of experience in children's product testing – everything from cots and strollers to change tables and baby monitors.

How we choose what we test

With so many to choose from, what makes us choose one pedestal fan to test over another? As with most of our product testing, our aim is to test the most popular brands and types on the market, and what you are most likely to see in the shops.

  • We survey manufacturers to find out about their range of products.
  • We check market sales information.
  • We check for any member requests to test specific ceiling fans.

From this information we put together a final list that goes to our buyers. They then head out to the retailers and purchase each product, just as a normal consumer would. We do this so we can be sure they are the same as any consumer would find them and not 'tweaked' in any way.

How we test

We've tested pedestal and tower fans to find out how well they cool you down.


The airflow score is determined by measuring airflow speed at various points at maximum speed and calculating airflow volume.

We calculate the airflow for circular pedestal fans using a different formula to the tower fans which are generally a rectangular shape. You can choose the type you prefer using our filters in our pedestal and tower fan reviews.


We also measure noise at high and low speeds, however this isn't scored.

Test criteria explained

The overall score is made up purely of airflow performance.

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