Guide to greywater systems

We take you through greywater options, from simple diversion to 'Class A' treatment systems.
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  • Updated:2 Jan 2008

05.Case studies

Happy with a treatment system

The Helm family, of Frankston, Victoria, installed a greywater treatment system in May 2007. Their main consideration at the time was their garden, and while they had a rainwater tank, rainfall was unreliable. They considered using untreated greywater, but the fact that it can’t be stored meant it wasn’t a feasible option.
The Helm family
After doing a bit of research on the internet, Gary decided on a Nubian Oasis Greywater System with a 2500L storage tank. It takes water from the shower, bath, handbasin and washing machine and processes it to Class A level. This water is then used on the garden and in the toilet and washing machine, with the option to switch to mains water inside the house when the garden needs more water.

The system itself cost just over $8000, plus $1500 for a tank and $1000 for a pump.

Normally there’d have been about $4000 to $5000 worth of plumbing parts and labour required, but being a plumber, Gary was able to do the work himself.

They received a $500 rebate for the system. (For more on rebates, see our report: Rebates for going green.)

In terms of maintenance, the system needs two professional services a year, and the UV lamp (used for disinfecting the treated water) is replaced annually. Electricity costs are low, using about the same energy as a light bulb for a couple of hours a day.

The Helms are very happy with the system, and their drinking-quality water usage has dropped from over 1000L per day to less than 500L.


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