Hip replacement surgery

What you need to know before joint replacement surgery.
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03.Questions to ask your surgeon

Ask your surgeon:

  • Is surgery really needed now
  • Is there anything I can do to delay it? Is there anything I can do to improve the outcome? For example, what type of exercises could I do to strengthen and tone relevant muscle groups? Should I lose weight?
  • Which device is used? What is it about this device and my body that makes it the best option? Are there alternatives available?
  • How long has this device been used for and what is the track record on patients similar to me? Do you have an affiliation with the manufacturer of the device or any other conflict of interest?
  • What track record do you have regarding this particular surgery?
  • If you’re a private patient, ask about any out-of-pocket costs with the device or surgery.
  • If in doubt, consider getting a second opinion.


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