Memory-enhancing pills

Can a pill improve brain function and help prevent dementia?
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06.Name and claim

Some of the supplements and what they claim  

With omega-3 only

  • Neurospark — “may help sharpen thinking processes, improve concentration, minimise memory loss ... and clear ‘foggy brain’.”
  • Eye Q — “may help maintain eye and brain function.”

With ginkgo

  • Blackmores Ginkgoforte — “aids mental alertness. Improves memory. Improves attention and mental clarity.”
  • Greenridge MemRecall — “combines three herbs with vitamins to enhance memory and concentration.”

With omega-3 and ginkgo

  • Nature's Own Omega-3 Fish Oil + Ginkgo 3000 — improves “memory, mental and cognitive performance in healthy adults, maintaining healthy functioning of the ageing brain.”
  • Nature's Way Brain & Memory — is formulated “to help improve memory & concentration.”

With ginkgo and brahmi

  • Bioglan Focus Triple Action Brain Formula — “aids cognitive brain function such as the ability to think, reason, learn, understand and remember.”
  • Totally Natural Products Mega Memory 3000 — “improve memory function. Improve performance and recall. Improve concentration. Increase learning capacity.”

With all three

  • Bioglan Omega-3 Super Fish Oil — may help “improve and enhance short term memory. Maximise cognitive performance and concentration. Improve problem solving.”
  • Pretorius Maxi Fish Oil Brain Smart — “promotes improved memory, problem solving and cognitive performance.”

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