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04.Sources of omega 3

Oily fish is the best source of omega-3s. All it takes is two or three fish meals a week to reach your recommended does of 500mg EPA+DHA a day. A serve of rainbow trout and one of silver perch, for example, will provide 3555mg of long-chain omega-3s, which equates to 508mg a day.

To get your long-chain omega-3 requirement without fish, even if you consume all the fortified products available on the market plus a great deal of other food, you’ll still be shy of the 500mg DHA+EPA recommendation. Check the table below to see how many meals you’ll need to eat just to get the same amount of omega-3s as you would from two serves of fish a week or a daily dose of fish oil supplements.

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Dark blue
: Fish and seafood sources
Light blue: Fortified and enriched products
Yellow: Meat and other animal product sources

Omega-table-1                          Omega-table-2

Table notes 
Nutritional data obtained from NUTTAB 2006 ( or packaging. Omega-3 content calculated based on recommended serving size or serve as per commercial products. If a product makes a claim, check the label. * Look for tuna containing higher amounts
of EPA and DHA – some products contain levels lower than stated in this list.
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