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02.Fortified and enriched products

You may remember a time when omega-3-fortified and enriched products seemed to be everywhere on supermarket shelves. Yet our search found just four fortified products for the adult market – bread, eggs, milk and tortillas. Many other products have been deleted, at least one of them due to poor sales.

“Australian Fresh Juice with Added Omega-3 was an innovation initiative tapping into the preventative health trend,” says National Foods corporate affairs director, Geoff Lynch. “However we focused our investment in other products, which is why it did not generate the sales volumes that might have secured it a permanent place in our range.”

Omega-3-fortified products continue to be culled from the adult market. When asked if consumers are rejecting additives in products, especially fish added to orange juice, Lynch argues that “our Dairy Farmers and Pura Kids Milk with Omega-3 DHA are selling very well and achieving very strong double-digit growth year-on-year”. Products designed for children still seem to be doing well, which could indicate consumer awareness around the need for omega-3 in children – but adults are being left behind.

The good egg

  • Omega-3 eggs, produced by hens fed with feed enriched with algae, provide a larger hit of DHA per serve than any other fortified product. A serve of enriched eggs, along with one standard fish oil tablet, will give you your 500mg daily requirement.
  • Some products that carry claims about omega-3 content are actually just highlighting naturally occurring omega-3s in the product. Gold’n Canola spread, for example, does contain ALA at 0.5g per 10g serve, but does not contain any of the hard-to-get long-chain omega-3s. Crisco Vegetable Oil and Uncle Toby's Omega-3 Lift Cereal with added linseeds are a similar story.
  • If a product makes a claim about omega 3 content, check the nutrition information panel to see what type is included – look in particular for DHA and EPA.

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