Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate now promises all manner of sensual delights.
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  • Updated:27 May 2008


These products scored the best results in our test:

What to buy
Brand Price per serve
Indulge Your Senses Milk Drinking Chocolate $0.22
Vittoria Original Chocochino Italian Style Drinking Chocolate $0.23
Nestlé Heaven Milk Chocolate $0.75

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Results table

Table notes

Energy per serve We’ve shown the energy per serve as stated on the label. When made with milk we’ve added the energy for one cup (250mL) of skim milk. If you use whole milk there’ll be even more kilojoules in it.

Sugar per serve Based on the nutrition information given on the label. It doesn’t include any additional sugar (lactose) from the milk.

Price per serve Based on prices we paid in Sydney supermarkets in November 2007, and the number of serves stated on the label.