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The toothpaste market is not as clean as you might think.
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03.The expert verdict

Of the toothpastes we examined, the bold claims made by these four stood out. 

Colgate Advanced Whitening


The spin: "Micro-cleansing crystals for clinically proven whiter teeth".
The truth: Comparing the ingredients with that of regular Colgate, we believe the micro-cleansing crystals must be hydrated silica, which is the abrasive used in many other toothpastes, including Woolworths Homebrand.

Macleans Extreme Clean Whitening


The spin: "Extreme clean with micro-active foam for deep-action whitening".
The truth: No toothpaste without hydrogen peroxide is capable of physically whitening teeth, with or without "deep action".

White Glo Coffee and Tea formula


The spin: "Micro-wax to prevent staining on teeth enamel."
The truth: The micro-wax is carnauba wax, derived from a Brazilian palm tree. Alldritt doubts a coating of wax would remain on the teeth throughout the day to repel stains from food and drinks.

Coles whitening


The spin: "Multi-action".
The truth: Our experts say most toothpastes offer the same protection as Coles’ “multi-action” claims – they all clean teeth, help prevent cavities, remove plaque and reduce tartar.

CHOICE oral health checklist

According to Alldritt, the most important considerations for maintaining good oral health should be:

  • Fluoride – the most important ingredient in toothpaste.
  • Regular care – brushing in the morning and at night with a good toothbrush and soft brushing motion.
  • Flossing – cleaning in between your teeth to prevent small pieces of food from becoming trapped.
  • Diet – be mindful that the breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates by the bacteria in your mouth produces acid, which can attack enamel and begin the decaying process.

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