Antiperspirant and deodorant user trial

Here’s all you need to know about sweat and how to avoid those dreaded white marks.
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  • Updated:23 Jun 2008


The following models scored the best results in our test

What to buy
Brand Price*
Dove Clear Touch $4.45
Rexona Crystal Pure Silver $4.88
Adidas Women Action 3 Fresh $4.46
Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua $4.48

* Price per 100g


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Results table

 Results table 

Table notes

Prices are those we paid in March 2008 per 100 grams.

How we tested

We sent 121 female trialists recruited from our Home Testers register three cans of aerosol antiperspirant with claims of ‘no white marks’. They were instructed to use each aerosol for three days before filling in a questionnaire to rate the product for:

  • Appearance of white marks on skin and clothing.
  • Fragrance.
  • Ease of use.

They then had to give each deodorant they tested an overall score based on the fragrance of the deodorant, its ability to reduce/eliminate white marks and its ease of use. Trialists were asked not to rate the deodorants on their antiperspirant performance as this is difficult to measure with only three days’ use of each product. They were also asked to note any irritation caused to skin or eyes.