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Here’s all you need to know about sweat and how to avoid those dreaded white marks.
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  • Updated:23 Jun 2008

03.Product profiles

Profiles - What to buy

Dove Clear Touch

Clear touchPrice: $4.45/100 g

“I loved this deodorant. It left no white marks and the fragrance was subtle but enough to prevent
perspiration odour. I will definitely keep using this deodorant.”


Rexona Crystal Pure Silver

Crystal pure silverPrice: $4.88/100 g

“Great scent, no marks. Would definitely buy this one.”


Adidas Women Action 3 Fresh

 Women action 3Price: $4.20/100 g

“I liked the smell and the way it dried quickly.”



Norsca Clear

Clear Price: $4.46/100 g

“I love that this goes on dry so you feel comfortable all day. Absolutely no marks anywhere. Felt great!”

“Although the fragrance wasn’t unpleasant, it would have been nicer if it was a bit more ‘girly’.”


Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua

Aqua Price: $4.88/100 g

“A bit of a strong, sweet smell, but not too offensive.”

“Made me sneeze.”


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