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07.I want to change my deal

If you already have a mobile phone and call plan but suspect it’s not the cheapest for your usage pattern, have a look at your latest bill to figure out:

  • How many calls you make a week.
  • If they’re mainly during business hours or at the weekend.
  • If you stick to the ‘free calls’ included in your plan (if you have them), or make a lot less or a lot more than are built into the monthly charge.
  • If you’re calling other mobiles or ordinary phones.
  • If you’re mainly calling your local area, or using the phone for long-distance or even international calls.

If your usage pattern doesn’t correspond to what your call plan provides, you could be wasting money. You may be able to upgrade your call plan during a contract, but cancelling or downgrading to a cheaper plan probably means you’ll have to pay out the old one, so it may not be worth changing till the end of the contract period.

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