Nikon Coolpix P6000 quick review

We test a camera that tags your photos with the GPS location as you shoot.
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01.Nikon Coolpix P6000

Please note: this information was current as of January 2009 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 

Price $750 Nikon Coolpix front
Weight 269g
Dimensions 107mm x 66mm x 42mm
Megapixels 13.5
Optical zoom 4x
35mm equivalent 28mm – 112mm

We’ve seen devices that show your location as you drive, where you’ve been and how to get somewhere, but what about a product that tags your photos with the location as you take them?

Nikon has released the Coolpix P6000 for those interested in “geotagging”, where photos are tagged with your location. Using inbuilt GPS technology, the camera tags photos with the longitude and latitude of your location. As if this were not enough to suffice, it also comes with a network connection that you can hook straight up to your ADSL router (with some tweaking) to upload photos. Nikon Coolpix back

After charging the camera and turning the GPS on (default mode is off), we travelled around our local park to see if it works as easily as it sounds. After a couple of minutes to attain a signal, we found we lost the GPS for some of our pictures since the camera automatically shut down power after a minute. Altering this setting to a longer shutdown time made for a much better experience, as the GPS didn’t need to be re-attained.

Once you’ve installed the software, plus a 50MB download portion, you can integrate the photos that have GPS data into Google Maps via the Nikon software, which places pinpoints for all the places you’ve taken photos. Unfortunately, the GPS data in the photos cannot be used for any online photo sites (such as Picasa or Flickr) other than Nikon’s own However, membership is free, as is 2GB of storage. As for the Ethernet connection, this also can only be used for uploading to Nikon’s own website.

In addition, the GPS feature does not overly intrude in the camera’s setup. As a camera, the Nikon is a solid performer, has intuitive controls and no discernible shutter lag.

Choice Verdict

While we found the results accurate, the Coolpix still requires some tweaking to get best results. If you would like to smoothly integrate it into your current online photo collection, you may be disappointed. But if you are happy to use the 2GB of complimentary storage, you could be pleased with the results of this geotagging device.

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