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Hyperdrive colorspace

Hyperdrive Colorspace review

We take a look at the modern day photo album.

7 Nov 2008 | Designed for the photographer on the go, the Hyperdrive Colorspace is a storage device that's supposed to take the place of a laptop or multiple memory cards.

Women on grass

Snap better shots

Tips to improve your digital photos.

25 Jun 2008 | Maybe you’re not getting the great results the salesperson promised from your new camera. There’s really no secret to taking good photos and the techniques are pretty simple.


High capacity batteries review

Finding the best way to keep your digital gadgets going.

14 Jun 2008 | Rechargeable batteries are the most economical option if you frequently use appliances that consume a lot of power, such as a digital camera. However, lithium batteries lasted the longest in our test.

Digital keyring

Kaiser Baas digital photo keyring review

These tiny photo frames hang off your keys, ready to show pocket sized photos to friends.

24 Jan 2008 | The Kaiser Bass is a keyring that can store around 70 digital images and display them on a 2.5 x 2.5cm screen.


How to scan slides

Follow the steps below for trouble-free slide scanning.

12 Aug 2003 | Slide attachments are available as optional extras for many current model scanners. While scanning slides can be tricky, this article provides information to assist you in your slide scanning success.

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