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  • Updated:25 Nov 2008

03.Your greeting

Once your image is in place, it's time to focus on your greeting. Some Microsoft templates have built-in text, but the colour, size, shape or placement may not suit your image.

To change the colour or size of text, click to select it - a border should appear. Then:

  • From the Format menu, select Font
  • Under Size, select a size from the list
  • Under Font color, use the drop down box to select a colour.

You can change the font type too.

To move your greeting, hover your mouse over the edge of the text box until a four-headed arrow appears, then click and drag it to its new location. Alter the layout of your greeting by changing the shape of your text box - drag it up, down, left or right.

If you want something a little fancier, WordArt is a block of text that follows a diagonal line, a curve or a circle, for example:

  • From the Insert menu, select Picture, then WordArt
  • Select a style, then type your text in the pop up window and select a font and size.

To change the text you’ve added, its shape or direction, use the WordArt toolbar:
Tool bar

  • From the View menu
  • Select Toolbars and choose WordArt.

Internal words

To insert text for the inside of the card, you'll need to create a separate file using the same template so that your message appears in the right spot:

  • From the File menu, choose Save as
  • Save your template under a different file name
  • Delete the image and write your greeting in a text box
  • Adjust its placement and size as needed.                            

Finally, to create your card you'll need to first print the cover image on one side of your paper, then re-insert the paper into your printer and print the second file to add the inside message. This may take a bit of fiddling to get right, so try it on ordinary paper first to save wasting quality card.
Options                            Screen shot

Hints and tips

  • If your text suddenly disappears, you may have accidentally moved it beside or under an image. To fix this, select your image, click the Text Wrapping button and ensure that your image has Behind Text selected.
  • Your only limitation when designing stationery is the version of Word you use - Word XP's handy Drawing Canvas provides more flexibility for positioning and adding images.

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