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Gaming monitor reviews

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Last updated: 09 September 2022


Checked for accuracy by our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers. Find out more about fact-checking at CHOICE.

Our independent and rigorous testing of large screen monitors and small screen TVs will show you which ones:

  • have the best picture quality for movies
  • deliver the best performance for gaming
  • use the least energy
  • are easiest to use, set up and adjust
  • have the best range of features, such as HDR, 4K support and KVM switching.

We've also partnered with Shop Ethical on this update to show the ratings the Ethical Consumer Group gives to each company.

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Our experts test and compare models from leading brands like LG, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Gigabyte and more to help you find the right one for your home and budget. 

We also list the pros and cons for each monitor, as well as a list of recommended monitors which you can filter by price and size for quick reference.

This review includes nine of the latest gaming monitors ranging in price from $600 to over $1700, and three small TVs to see how well they perform as gaming, home entertainment and office working monitors.

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    Display type

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    With LCD panels, there are two popular types: In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Vertical Alignment (VA). IPS panels often have a wider viewing angle and tend to be a better option for quality, whereas VA panels generally offer a faster response time (which can be good for gamers) and a tighter viewing angle (less of an issue for gamers).

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      • Annual running cost
      • Remote control
      • Audio out
      • Brightness level
      • Ambient light sensor
      • Response time
      • Frame thickness
      • Headphone output
      • Supplied cables
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Price
      • Screen size (in)
      • Screen size (cm)
      • Shop Ethical rating
      • Energy star rating
      • Display type
      • DisplayPort
      • HDMI 2.1
      • USB-C
      • Mirror or casting support
      • Monitor stand options
      • Speakers
      • Audio in
      • KVM switching
      • Screen resolution (px)
      • Screen finish
      • Curved
      • Contrast ratio
      • Refresh rate
      • HDR
      • HDMI inputs
      • USB 2 input rear
      • USB type
      • Digital audio TOSLINK optical output
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • Dimensions (cm, H x W x D)
      • Weight (kg)
      • Warranty
      • Country of origin

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