Independent and trusted reviews and tests. Compare price and performance of a wide range of laptop computers, with both small and large screen size, and accessories.

BYO laptop

Back-to-school tech-buying guide

Head back to school with the right laptop or tablet computer

20 Nov 2014 | What you need to know before you buy a computer for your child's back-to-school needs.

budget laptop reviews - laptop

Budget laptop reviews

We test 14 low-cost laptops to see how much bang you get for very few bucks.

16 Oct 2014 | You don’t have to sacrifice speed when buying a cheap laptop. We test 14 low-cost laptops that provide a good combination of power and features at a reasonable price.


Laptops buying guide

Take the guesswork out of choosing your next laptop.

5 Dec 2013 | Our buying guide tells you everything you need to know about buying a laptop in easy-to-understand terms.


Thin and light laptops review

We test 12 thin and light laptops to see which give the best mobile computing experience.

6 Nov 2013 | We test 12 thin and light laptops to see which offer the best combination of speed, portability and battery life.


Google Chromebooks first look

We get hands-on with the new Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer.

17 May 2013 | We take a hands-on look at the first two Chromebooks available in Australia. How do they stack up compared with a regular laptop?


Consumer Electronics Show

We head to Las Vegas to check out some of the innovative products shaping consumer technology.

11 Jan 2012 | We take a look at some of the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies at CES 2012.


Medion Akoya laptop from Aldi

We take a sneak peek at the 17.3” Medion Akoya laptop.

21 Nov 2011 | We get in early to take a sneak peek at the latest Medion Akoya laptop from Aldi, ahead of its release this Saturday.

Good all round laptops

All-rounder laptop reviews

Some of these general purpose family laptops offer unprecedented performance and value.

11 Nov 2011 | We test 12 laptops that suit the whole family, with models ranging between $730 and $2100.


Dell XPS15z first look

A hands-on look at Dell's stylish 15-inch laptop

17 Oct 2011 | Dell's 15-inch XPS15z laptop exudes an image of professionalism, but how does it perform?


CHOICE Computer technology reliability survey 2010

How reliable is your computer equipment?

24 Nov 2010 | Desktop computers, laptops and printers, monitors and external hard-drives are part of our line-up this time.

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