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Surge protectors

Surge protector reviews

How much do you need to spend to keep your expensive equipment safe?

30 Apr 2009 | They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place — but it doesn’t have to. A direct strike on your home can burn out every piece of electrical equipment you have connected.


Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) review

Beat the blackout blues with these battery backup units.

30 Apr 2009 | The power is gone and with it all your painstaking work - it won't occur if you use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Classic keyboard

Classic keyboard review

We tried out two modern versions of the ‘classic’ keyboard style for comparison.

3 Feb 2009 | Modern PC keyboards have evolved into many different designs. But how good are they for their basic purpose — typing?

Man with laptop

CHOICE Computer reliability survey

How do your desktop and laptop, printer and digital camera stack up?

13 Jan 2009 | The results for this year’s reliability survey are in — the good news is there's been an improvement for some products, but there are a few disappointing figures too.

Webcam reviews

Webcam reviews

Webcams are handy for instant messaging, video chats and quick snaps.

30 Jul 2008 | They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving picture must surely be even more valuable — which is probably why webcams have become so popular for personal communication.


PC speakers review

We tested 16 speaker systems to see which gives the best boom for your buck.

20 May 2008 | The PC speaker market is 'booming', driven by the growth in high quality multimedia — from music and DVD movies to games and even websites.

Brown boxes with price tags

Pricing of computer products not all equal

Are consumers getting a raw deal on the price of locally available computer products?

20 May 2008 | It doesn’t take long for a net-savvy consumer to compare the cost of computer products here and overseas.

Mac or PC

Mac or PC - what's best for you?

Should your next computer be a Mac?

11 Oct 2007 | Apple Computer fans are known worldwide as "Mac Evangelists" for their almost fanatical devotion to the brand, but is it just hype or should you really consider a Mac as your next computer?


Update firmware

Want to upgrade your computer for free? Here’s how.

3 Jan 2006 | Firmware used to be read-only — it limited what the hardware could do. Nowadays, however, most firmware can be updated to give your hardware new features and capabilities.

Office chairs

Choosing a computer chair

A comfortable, supportive chair is a good investment if you spend a long time at your computer.

6 Apr 2005 | Furnishing your study or office may seem trivial in comparison to choosing a desktop but a hasty decision can lead to long-term physical problems.

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