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Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display

Apple's latest all-in-one is a resolution revolution.

23 Jan 2015 | The new 14.7 million-pixel iMac packs four times as many pixels on its 27-inch screen as the standard iMac. You only have to look at the 5K iMac to want it. But the question must be asked: do you actually need it?

a man holding a CD-ROM backup disc

PC backup software review

We test and compare 10 popular PC backup programs.

15 Sep 2014 | Have you backed up your important files? Our test breaks down the best backup software, so you can easily protect the contents of your precious PC from data loss.

woman in front of desktop computer

All-in-one desktop computer reviews

Should you buy an all-in-one instead of a traditional desktop, laptop or hybrid?

6 Aug 2014 | Not everybody wants a monster-sized computer on their desk. We compare nine ‘undersized’ all-in-ones from 21.5 to 23.6 inches.

Paper shredders

Paper shredders review

A paper shredder can help keep your personal details out of the wrong hands.

19 Dec 2013 | You don’t need to pay a fortune for a good-quality shredder, but some very cheap shredders aren't worth the money.


First look: Parallels for Mac and iPad

We take a look at Parallels Access, which lets you run Windows software on your iPad.

26 Nov 2013 | Find out how you can run Office and any other Windows program on your iPad almost anywhere you go.

Aldi scanner

Maginon Portable Document Scanner HS120 first look

We reveal how this small, light and portable scanner compares to its competitors.

26 Apr 2013 | Find out how the inexpensive Maginon HS120 from Aldi measures up to more expensive models.


Portable document scanners review

Want to go paperless? CHOICE puts eight portable document scanners to the test.

25 Mar 2013 | Portable models are smaller and more affordable than desktop ones, making them ideal for home users. We test models from Canon, Fujitsu and others.


Windows 8 preview

We take a look at the key features of the Windows 8 OS update.

26 Oct 2012 | This is the biggest change to the operating system in a very long time, and it’s certainly not going to be to everyone’s liking.


HD webcam reviews

The world wide web is your stage with these eight high definition webcams.

9 Nov 2011 | Thanks to the Internet age, creating and sharing video content is as simple as talking to a camera on top of your PC.


CHOICE Computer technology reliability survey 2010

How reliable is your computer equipment?

24 Nov 2010 | Desktop computers, laptops and printers, monitors and external hard-drives are part of our line-up this time.

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