Disposable nappies review 2007

Our readers and their babies give us the verdict on which nappies rate the best.
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  • Updated:24 Feb 2007


What to buy

Price is per nappy

  • HUGGIES Crawler # - $0.47
  • SELECT Crawler - $0.38
  • BABYLOVE Crawler # - $0.40
  • HOME BRAND Medium - $0.29
  • BABYLOVE Ecobots # - $0.45
  • SNUGGLERS Crawler # - $0.30

# These products have changed since our test. Prices for all the tested products remain unchanged (as per manufacturer advice in July 2008).

The babies have voted

  • HUGGIES Crawler was the overwhelming favourite by a large margin — they scored 93%. Our testers found that HUGGIES were the least likely to leak, kept a high level of dryness throughout use, had little shifting of material or disintegration and fitted the best.
  • SELECT Crawler from Woolworths, while scoring quite a bit lower than HUGGIES (75%), was also rated significantly higher than average overall and is much cheaper than HUGGIES at just 38 cents per nappy, compared to 47 cents for HUGGIES.
  • Some of the other nappies with a good score are a lot cheaper if you need to save money.

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Results table

Product Number of testers: Overall score (%) Leakage score (%) Dryness score (%) Price per nappy (cents)
Huggies Crawler # 54 93 97 94 47
Select Crawler (a) 55 75 88 78 38
BabyLove Crawler # 58 74 86 76 40
Home Brand Medium (a) 58 72 90 78 29
BabyLove Ecobots Crawler # 58 71 78 74 45
Snugglers Crawler # 53 71 83 77 30
Mamia Crawler (b) 55 66 86 79 29
Cosifits Crawler # 54 64 76 71 26
Bebes Medium 55 61 78 65 47
Black & Gold Medium (c) 54 58 80 68 32
Baby Solutions Medium (d) 56 52 66 58 25

Table notes

# These products have changed since our test. Prices for all the tested products remain unchanged (as per manufacturer advice in July 2008).

(a) Available at Woolworths

(b) Available at Aldi

(c) Available at IGA

(d) Available at Kmart

Scores: The overall score is a separate score given by the trialists — it’s not a combination of other scores.

Price per nappy is based on the recommended price for the largest pack size, except for the BLACK & GOLD, which is based on the average of what we paid in September 2006.

How we tested

  • Almost 100 volunteers and their babies took part in this test. The babies were a mix of 65% girls and 35% boys, and weighed between 5 and 10 kg (‘medium’ or ‘crawler’ version of most nappies).
  • Our Home Testers were sent 10 ‘daytime’ nappies from each of seven different brands. We repackaged and labelled each brand with a number, although as each has a different design and some label their products with their brand name, some of our testers may have recognised some or all of the brands they tried.
  • Our testers were asked to use each brand for two days during the day only. They rated the nappies for leakage, dryness, shifting of the nappy material, the effectiveness of the nappy fasteners and the size of the nappy. They were also asked to rate each nappy brand overall and tell us how likely they would be to buy it.