Disposable nappies review 2007

Our readers and their babies give us the verdict on which nappies rate the best.
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  • Updated:24 Feb 2007

03.Product profiles

Product profiles

Nappies in the What to buy list are profiled in rank order.

HUGGIES Crawler #

Price per nappy 47 cents

This nappy was hands down our Home Testers’ favourite. It rated significantly better than average for all the survey questions — and 88% of trialists said they’d already used this brand even though it’s the equal most expensive nappy tested. It’s also the only one in the trial with a separate design for girls and boys.

Trialist comments

  • “Nice, snug, secure nappy. Held a lot of moisture.”
  • “The fasteners were more like Velcro rather than sticky — not sticking properly was not an issue. There was no stickiness to lose.”
  • “Love the ‘material’ feel of the nappy. It fits my baby really well, not too baggy or oversized.”
  • “They work very well, but I’m not keen on all the extra pictures and colours. Disposables are wasteful enough without all the extra effort and materials to manufacture them.”

SELECT Crawler

Price per nappy 38 cents

This nappy rated significantly higher than average overall and is quite a bit cheaper than HUGGIES. It’s a Woolworths brand and only available in those supermarkets.

Trialist comments

  • “Love the design of the fasteners! So easy to grab and do up!”
  • “Very happy with this nappy. Would use these instead of what I currently use.”
  • “Liked the fit — especially the high back and wide grip tabs.”
  • “It’s a very basic nappy but if the price was good it would still ‘do the job’. ”
  • “We found this nappy as good as the HUGGIES we normally use, which have the market perception of being the best.”

BABYLOVE Crawler #

Price per nappy 40 cents

It’s around the same price and has similar scores as the SELECT Crawler but should be available at a range of supermarkets.

Trialist comments

  • “A rare 5–10 kg nappy that actually fits a 9 kg baby! Most are small.”
  • “Elastic front and back was great. I also really like the wide, flat extension pieces either side of the fasteners.”
  • “This nappy was much slimmer between the legs than others I have trialled so far. I thought it was more comfortable with the elastic back and front.”
  • “A perfect fit!”
  • “Allowed baby to become a little damp. However, it fit very well and maintained shape.”
  • “Gel ‘beads’ oozed through to baby’s bottom twice”.


Price per nappy 29 cents

While it rated 72% overall, it scored 90% for not leaking, second only to HUGGIES. It’s a very good price at 29 cents per nappy, but only available at Woolworths.

Trialist comments

  • “Very happy with this nappy — just a bit big.”
  • “Great — would be better for babies at the larger end of the weight range. I liked the elasticised back.”
  • “There seemed to be a fair amount of absorbent material in the nappy which kept baby dry. The tabs worked well.”
  • “In the crutch the nappy was far too wide, causing it to bunch and appear uncomfortable”
  • “The between-the-legs part moved too much, so that there was only thin material left.”

BABYLOVE EcoBots Crawler #

Price per nappy 45 cents

This nappy is claimed to be better for the environment than other major-brand disposables (see EcoBots biodegradable claims). Although the two BABYLOVE brand nappies didn’t rate significantly differently from each other overall, the EcoBots are a little more expensive than the regular BABYLOVE nappies.

Trialist comments

  • “I am considering using these nappies instead of HUGGIES. We had no crystals on the baby and I was very impressed with it.”
  • “No leaks at all — even after a big sleep.”
  • “I thought this nappy was very good. It was dry, compact to dispose of and fitted well.”
  • “These worked really well and over long periods of time between changes.”


Price per nappy 30 cents

Another of the cheaper products on test that trialists quite liked — it rated about the same as HOME BRAND, costs a similar amount and should be available in more supermarkets.

Trialist comments

  • “I think the nappy was very good. I didn’t notice any crystals on my baby. They didn’t leak.”
  • “This was a great nappy. Comfortable fit, very absorbent and very secure.”
  • “I like the wide fasteners, but I would say that maybe having an elastic band front, back or both would definitely help secure it better (so it won’t) ride down.”
  • “Overall good. Although the absorbency was good, I didn’t feel it would be great for long-duration use.”

# These products have changed since our test. Prices for all the tested products remain unchanged (as per manufacturer advice in July 2008).


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