Disposable nappies review and compare

Our trialists put 14 disposable nappy brands and five different types of cloth nappies to the test.
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04.Disposables - About the rest

7th GenerationSeventh Generation - Size 3 69%

Seventh Generation scored best of the three nappies with green claims in this trial but it is not independently certified and only deals with the environmental impact of chlorine bleaching.

Trialists’ comments

  • "It's a great style nappy. But to be honest I took one look at it and just thought it looked awful! I probably wouldn't use it because it looks terrible.”
  • “These nappies are lovely and soft and baby seemed very comfortable in them as they are a nice fit.”
  • “Leaked urine twice. Skin was VERY wet at every nappy change.”

MoltexMoltex - Size 4, Maxi 65%

Moltex's environmental credentials are independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia. However, at about 77cents per nappy (pack size of 80), it's the most expensive nappy in our trial.

Trialists’ comments

  • "Extremely strong grip tabs, fantastic absorbancy, obviously high quality, very impressed."
  • “The size of this nappy was too big. It could have almost wrapped around bub twice."
  • “We had a small leak (poo) with this nappy!”

Moltex has contacted us and told us "Moltex nappies have a unique quirk that the sizes on the packs are often a little ‘out’. (...) we have found over the years that a child at the cusp of any of Moltex’s weight ranges is often suited to a nappy in another range eg a 10kg baby with a slim build is often better suited to the 4-9kg nappy."

CosifitsCosifits - Crawler 53%

Cosifits shared the last place with Lullaby and was the worst-rated nappy for guarding against leakage.

Trialists’ comments

  • "Pretty major poo-leak today (inner thigh area). Sidetabs comfy and stick well, but quality of nappy overall not great. I would not buy this product.”
  • “A good nappy, no leaks and no problems. Wasn't the most perfect fit around the hips though, but apart from that it was great. Loved the design, so nice to see Australian animals :)”
  • “This nappy kept my daughter dry, even when it got very full at one point. Unfortunately it leaked when she had an upset tummy though (i.e. quite runny poo).”

LullabyLullaby - Medium 53%

Lullaby was the worst rated nappy for staying in position, keeping baby dry and durability.

Trialists’ comments

  • "Fit was not that good, had to stretch tabs really hard to connect nappy up at the sides. Seemed to gape at bub's legs a bit.”
  • “The worst thing about this nappy is that it doesn't seem to draw much of the moisture away. We didn't encounter any leaks though some of the gel crystals leaked from almost every nappy. The nappy also didn't have any elastic at the back so it didn't fit as well as some of the others.”
  • I liked the grip tabs' adhesive, it sticks down really well. The nappies have a strong chemical odour which is off putting. The Aussie motif is cute.

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