Independent and trusted reviews and tests of disposable nappies and cloth nappies, as well as advice about toilet training and bathing.


Modern cloth nappies

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the terry squares of yesteryear but disposables still reign the shopping cart.

1 Dec 2012 | We surveyed hundreds of online parents to find out their experiences with different types of nappies.

Nappy test

Disposable nappies review and compare

Our trialists put 14 disposable nappy brands and five different types of cloth nappies to the test.

16 Mar 2010 | A typical baby goes through about 6000 nappies. The total cost can vary between about $1700 and $4650, so it pays to find the smartest buys.

Father and baby

Nappies, toilet training and bathing

Babies will need nappies until some time into their second or third year.

2 Sep 2009 | This makes choosing and using nappies a major part of their life, and yours. Our guide covers the types of nappies available as well as associated products such as change tables and baths.


Disposable nappies review 2007

Our readers and their babies give us the verdict on which nappies rate the best.

24 Feb 2007 | Almost 100 volunteers and their babies trialled disposable nappies, each rating 10 'daytime' nappies from seven different brands.

Baby feeding

Disposable and cloth nappies buying guide

What's best - cloth or disposable? We'll tell you about the environment effects and other issues.

22 Jul 2003 | Most babies don't get to the toilet training stage until their second or third year. This makes nappies a major part of their life, and yours.

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