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  • Updated:23 Feb 2007

06.Bio bambini

An organic and biodynamic baby food in jars with reasonably clear labelling, but some varieties contain rice (as flour) not mentioned in the name and added water. Like other food in jars, it uses heat treatment to make it shelf stable. Imported from Germany.

Labelling: Most varieties give the percentages of most ingredients, but there are some gaps. Bio bambini products

Thickeners/fillers: Thickening agents are not used, but rice flour is an ingredient in a number of varieties, some where you may not guess it from the name of the product, for example, Apple-banana contains 50% apples, 23% bananas and 27% water and rice flour combined. All the varieties we looked at had added water, although most contained cereal or starchy vegetables which would need to be thinned. However, Apple & mango delight, which you wouldn’t expect would need water to thin it, contains 60% apple, 30% mango and 10% water. Pumpkin fine, is only 53% pumpkin, the remainder of the jar is water, rice flour and oil. The manufacturer says the rice flour and water is added for aesthetic and texture reasons.

Product name accuracy: OK, but some varieties include ingredients not suggested in the name, such as rice flour (and water) in Pumpkin fine.

Meat content: None of the varieties we found contained meat ingredients.

Organic: Yes, certified organic and biodynamic (Demeter).

Type: Jar.

Made in: Germany

Storage and serving: Can be stored at room temperature until opened. Serve warm or at room temperature. Opened, but unheated portion can be stored in fridge for 48 hours.

Processing: Heat treated in jar to preserve.

Available in: Some health and organic food stores, see website for details.

Price we paid:

  • $2.60 per 125g jar.
  • $3.45 per 190g jar.

Website: www.olivegreenorganics.com.au


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Bio bambini range:
From 4 months
Parsnip & potato
Parsnips 35%, potatoes 35%, water
Pumpkin fine
Pumpkin 53%, water, natural rice flour 6%, sunflower oil
Pumpkin with potatoes and fennel
Pumpkin 34%, water, potatoes 20%, fennel 10%, natural rice flour, rapeseed oil
Tender carrot & potato
Carrots 25%, potatoes 25%, water
Apples 50%, bananas 23%, water, natural rice flour
Apple & mango
Apple 60%, mango 30%, water
Apple, peach & biscuit
Apples 57%, water, peach 9%, ground biscuit 9%
Baby fruit cocktail
Fruit 89% (apple, pear, banana, mango), water, rice, pear juice concentrate
From 6 months
Apple & blueberry pudding
Apple 49%, water, blueberry 17%, agave juice concentrate, oats, barley, wheat
Baby muesli
Apple 31%, banana 31%, water, yoghurt 7%, oats, spelt
Pear pudding
Pear 52%, water, rice, pear juice concentrate
Pear & apple muesli
Pear 31%, apple 31%, water, wholemeal grain 6% (oats, barley, wheat, rye), pear juice concentrate
Carrots 50%, water, potatoes 10%, paprika, zucchini, tomatoes, sunflower oil, herbs