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Breastfeeding provides significant health benefits for mother and baby.
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  • Updated:5 Sep 2009


Many women express their milk manually, alternatively you can use a breast pump. Pumps can be purchased or hired from the ABA’s Mothers Direct catalogue (, pharmacies and baby shops. There are three types:

  • Manual pumps include piston-style pumps (like a giant syringe with a funnel at one end and a collection bottle attached), which need two hands to operate and lever-operated pumps, which can be used single-handed. The ABA advises against breast pumps with a squeezable rubber bulb to create suction: suction pressure is difficult to control and may cause discomfort or nipple damage. Price range for two hand pump: $55-$65
    Price range for one hand pump: $110
  • Electric pumps: considered very efficient. They are expensive to buy, consider hiring one from ABA groups, hospitals, some pharmacies and other companies.
    Price range: Depending on the pump the ABA charges $30-$50 per week – ABA members get 50% discount on these rates.
  • Battery-operated pumps: recommend for intermittent use – some are fully automated, others require you to repeatedly press a button for each ‘squeeze’.
    Price range: $190

Tip: Breast (nursing) pads can help minimise the problems milk leaking from your breast can cause. Disposable paper one can cost around 30 cents, an alternative is washable cotton pads (around $3 for a pair).


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