Feeding baby

Independent and trusted guides about nutrition, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and pre-packaged food for babies.

Baby eating

Organic baby food reviews

Not all organic baby food is created equal.

19 Jun 2014 | Our review of 136 baby food varieties for under ones found there’s more to (or sometimes less of) these products than meets the eye.


Beaba Babycook first look

The Beaba Babycook claims to make preparing healthy meals for your baby easy.

1 May 2012 | This handy appliance can steam, blend, reheat and defrost all in the one compact unit - but is it necessary?


Nutrition guide for breastfeeding mothers

Maintaining mother's good health is one of the keys to successful breastfeeding.

20 May 2011 | How much more do breastfeeding mothers need to eat and which foods they should focus on to stay as healthy as possible?


Breastfeeding guide

Breastfeeding provides significant health benefits for mother and baby.

5 Sep 2009 | The Australian government and the World Health Organisation recommend babies are exclusively breastfeed until six months of age.

Baby eating

Up-market baby food in focus

All baby foods are not created equal.

23 Feb 2007 | We’ve put up-market, gourmet, and organic baby food for the under 1s under the microscope to see how they stack up.

Baby drinking milk

Guide to bottlefeeding baby

If you're bottlefeeding your baby here's what you need to know about formula and equipment.

24 Jul 2003 | If you don’t breastfeed your baby you’ll need to choose a formula; cow’s milk shouldn't be used as the primary milk drink in the first year of life.


Breastfeeding your baby

Breast milk is the ideal food for newborn babies — it’s perfectly designed to nourish your baby.

15 Jul 2003 | There are a number of reasons why breast is best.


Guide to your baby's first foods

We look at how to start with solids, what to choose and what to look out for.

15 Jul 2003 | Experts are probably still arguing, but the latest recommendations are that you shouldn’t start your baby on anything other than breast milk or formula before they’re six months old.


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